The objective of our research effort is to identify great wealth-creating businesses and determine if they meet our six investment criteria.

Our extensive bottom-up work focuses on the long-term drivers of a business’ growth prospects. New ideas are generated by our global research team. After considerable research, creation of a formal investment case, discussion, and healthy debate across the entire research team, the lead analyst recommends a new business to the portfolio management (PM) team.

The PM team makes the final decision about which businesses to buy and how to weight them in the portfolio after its questions about key drivers, assumptions, and risks have been answered. The process does not end once a business is purchased. To ensure portfolios reflect the businesses that best-fit our six investment criteria, we continue to carefully monitor each holding, challenging whether it remains attractive relative to new ideas. We think this intensive, collaborative, and iterative process makes for clear communication and, ultimately, a highly effective decision-making process.       For more detailed information, please contact us.